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We support and develop the growth of independent filmmaking in Arizona through comprehensive training, networking, exhibition and filmmaking opportunities.

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Filmmaker Fusion – Know Your Rights

Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 from 7pm- 9pm

“Know Your Rights” will feature local experts discussing a film crew member’s rights on set and off. It is critical that people stay safe and comfortable while working in this industry, just as in any other. Find out answers to questions like:

  • “If someone makes you feel uncomfortable on set, what should you do?”
  • “How many hours should you be asked to work in a day?”
  • “Who is responsible for safety on set?”

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IFP Phoenix Events

Filmmaker Challenges

IFP Phoenix is proud to present the 2015 season of challenges!  Learn more and sign up today!

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Monthly Movie Meeting

A monthly screening opportunity for local amateur and professional filmmakers in the greater Phoenix area to show their work and get valuable peer feedback.

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Filmmaker Fusion

Blending the artistic talents of filmmaking professionals in a monthly hybrid networking meeting with a panel of guests..

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Our partners make the filmmaker community strong

We’ve partnered with Phoenix-based vendors and national film festivals to offer special discounts and valuable services for IFP Members. View a full list of our partners here.

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